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The company Ifaistos founded in 1967 by Mr. George P. Stathopoulos
in the form of sole proprietorship, the Mavromati Messinia small private space,
where he worked with love the iron.

Today the company in the form of L.P, continues to be active in the manufacturing
Aluminum Systems & Iron, having at the helm
 Mr. Panagiotis Stathopoulos the son of the company founder.
The company has 2 show-room (in Kalamata & in Messinia)
and one of the most modern plants of Greece 2,500 m², with separate area
for aluminum products, a separate area for the ironwork and separate warehouses.
The staff are permanent with extensive experience and advanced training in relation to our products.
The company knowing your doing the dealing, selects suppliers of high standards.
It is the only company in the area of Messinia used for construction of systems
Domal, Alumil, Elvial and Shueco, for which the system applies production control (FPC)
accordance with the requirements of EN 1435 1-1.
The company's quality policy Ifaistos is the cornerstone for achieving the objectives of
and on this basis for the development, implementation and continuous improvement
of quality management system 
designed according to the requirements
of the Certificate of Quality Construction and Installation
 Aluminum Systems Seka - Q. System 2: 2007.
You can contact us and find out more about our products and our services,
or visit any of our show rooms. The company's technicians are always at your disposal
so with the expertise to advise you on the correct choice of products actually
you need and point you to the right solution for every situation.